My Story

Additional Information

I Lead, I Learn, I Laugh, and I Grow. I am passionate about helping others to do the same. In the last thirty-six years, I have work in the corporate, public, and military sectors. I want to say that was by design, but as many of you know, obstacles and opportunities have a way of redirecting us. Looking back, there were some tears, tough lessons to learn, and a lot of setbacks but with enough success and encouragement to keep me in the game. Mentors, personal and professional development are critical to me.  

I have had a variety of roles, experiences, and degrees that guide my work. Here is the highlighted list Husband, Father, Commissioned Army Officer, Operation Manager for Wal-Mart Private Fleet, Owner of a Custom Millwork Company, a teacher, counselor, Director of the Hart Career Center, Director of Career Technical and Adult Education Columbia Public Schools and Currently Chief Operations Officer Columbia Public Schools. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology from Truman State University, a Masters of Education in Counseling from Western Kentucky State University, a Masters of Education in School Administration, and an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership from William Woods University. 

I frequently speak and present at the local, state, and national levels for Career and Technical Education.  Independent Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team, I Speak, I Teach and I Coach through workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching. 

Thanks for letting me introduce myself.